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Testament of a lifetime

June 16, 2013

    There’s nothing more soothing and gratifying for someone like me than, leaning on a firm backed chair with scanty but, heart-pleasing rain drops around and a free mind to write. It’s been a while since, I penned down some electronic words through my crammed psyche. Sometimes, it’s just that you are busy with absolutely a naught and so tend to sidekick your work. Yeah, it’s weird but so, it is true. People go into a nervous breakdown or are utterly frustrated just for nothing. It is this trait of the ordinary people like us that I am startled of numerous times.

We never get what you want ’cause, the wants themselves are interminable. Misery grows obtainable from here and so does all the further despair. I mean this is all rational, reasonable. But, what about the status quo when there’s a nix? When people are just unaware of any situational gloom? Is there nothing as the term neutral? I believe anguish, in itself is a complete and definite demarcation. The absence of happiness merely lets depression to stay! Either we are so hooked to sentiments that we have forgot the expression – inert nature or there was no such entity in real-world existence. For most of the stuff one thing turns as the foundation and the other as a measly concealment. As the absence of light is darkness but not vice-versa. For the others I am really exasperating to score some answers. But, what we see for almost everything from place to place is the things we contemplate as immoral lay the foundation. Be it darkness or devilry or stupidity, as a matter of fact. Then the same lets me think, why not sorrow? If a man spends hefty stretch with sorrow obviously, frustration and nervous breakdown era will be the next cases to ponder upon.

I have just completed my graduation and pursued a four-year long professional course of engineering. During this extensive period of time I was lurching around many breeds of people. Some of them were friends, just acquaintances, some were those people who taught me, others were complete strangers. The enquiry ascended when some of these were discouraged without any intention whatsoever. Human brain is the most vulnerable tool to play with and also most interesting. You may never know where’s the frontier laid and once traversed over, it’s a really harsh route to get back. Also, you never know what hidden valuable assets are awaiting. It’s a composed bet as such. So, it was then confronting with a dispirited soul I struck golden rule of despair. Absence of pleasure is dejection. I have myself experienced this thought and I am sure most of you also have. Then comes even a giant problem altogether, why does all the wicked affairs form the base? Why isn’t there light in this universe and to form blackness requires distinct means? Why can’t we be joyful always if we are not unhappy? Why is not everyone downright clever at all stuff if he’s not dismal?

People tend to believe always something that’s imparted on their minds historically. It’s actually tough to acquire them out of those prejudices even if they are false. Some of them never have faith in other perspectives and others don’t want to. A very trivial expanse of folks are actually liberal to follow that is veracious. These are the only individuals I truly accept might be impersonal when it comes to emotions. Only societies whom can deliberate and act without restrictions may be the ones those are neutral! Today, it’s pretty hard to find such personalities. We certainly don’t want to come out of our comfort zones and so remain blue and anxious all the time. I believe the key to alter the underpinning is a free will.


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