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On approaching the Pandora’s Box

April 4, 2013

Me at the backstage of a drama


    Ahhh… Finally, it’s happening! My all new second blog post right from Microsoft Word 2013. Also, I have started to admire Microsoft for such a wonderful yet sober OS – Windows 8! Quiet Cool stuff. I never thought my first assay with blogs would make such drastic revelations about me and more justly, about those people who hover around me. Well, it was very interesting to know the real ideologies working in my ambience! Nevertheless, I wasn’t astonished when it met with variedly mixed responses; right from excellent to hogwash, even some of them stated it outrageous! Yes, as it’s said, “Many minds, many thoughts” so do I appreciate and respect all the persuasions fired at me with adjudged serenity. I don’t want to assign some countdown or start some evaluation here or even make some stupefy justifications. My motive is simple and pure; express myself freely without any bounds!

    A week is passed since I wrote about my obsession. This week was a time when the weather was all and indolent. Everything seemed so arid that even wind around me seemed a lot nervous. Then, it was the perfect time for some analysis about THE LIFE itself (the best thing we can do amongst all is analysis and talk and only analysis and only talk)! I was met with some startling facts and insights of our world which we already know but tend ourselves out of belief! (I know you are smelling some saintly, philosophical spoof now 😉 but, let’s walk ahead)



A curious mind is the only way to attain knowledge on this globe (and I firmly believe if it does exist then, elsewhere too). If it was not for just a curiosity to pursue my hobby of writing I would never have had the intellection for this very web log! Right since the childhood the major part of our behavior and teachings is our ever questioning mind. A man seldom knows it if he doesn’t want to know it. It was for this inquiring mind of Pandora only that man was blessed with all the miseries of life. The two brilliant and crippled sides of an ever prying mind are knowledge and misery! Indeed, life is never itself perfect, we must rigorously drill it to be and then, we may, at some point of time be excellent. When I thought over the immense reasons of being screwing up our lives and got to the core of them, I found only one real descendent of the most of them – a curious mind! Why did I hurt my friend? – The only speculation to find out his deep buried secrets. Why was I not good at my work? – Well, the lack of curiosity for how things work (and also over curiosity for some unnecessary stuff!). On the brighter side, why do we succeed? – The answer comes the same as curiosity but with all the will and efforts for the quest.

I believe while growing up, being adults we have lost that ever wondering mind, that special soul which always inquires and challenges the firm conventions. We are either too stubborn to ask or too gimpy to set ourselves for a hunt. “A curious student is a teacher’s delight”. Well, ting-tong wake up, reality check – nature’s (or life itself) a teacher and we are students; where the hell is our nosey self? I think, most of us lost it while growing up as frail humans. We want to fly but don’t want to try. We just don’t have enough legitimate doubts for life those will be answered so we could prosper. Well, some of us do have a really astonishing questionnaire but, then no stringent intent for its pursuit.

I really appreciate my brother when he asks me so many weird questions (obviously, of which I rarely know answers). He reminds me some days ago I was the same and when I used to get answer after much hold I used to be really happy (and not the fake smile which I sometimes give to myself now). It’s like all over again, I will be graduated soon, just a matter of some months. And then, it will begin. An all new world will merely sprout from nowhere for me and alas! I will be once again trying to switch myself on sides, trying to get accustomed to the novel environment and all that we all do when we set a foot in a bigger lake. It’s all but curious to me at present. I must choose the righteous path of the two – happiness or misery!



    If and all we get to wretchedness, we ought to cure it in time. Being miserable for a prolonged time makes us more of a psychopath. We believe others are far superior to us and then it all gets to ourselves. We tend to lose our self-assurance, then it gets to our very nature. In short, we are doomed! Everybody, in his life has been or will be suffering because we are prone to misery (if you haven’t been ever, I advise you to diagnose yourself with a good physicist instantly ;-)). I have been miserable a few times in my life (but, don’t worry didn’t go on to being a sociopath) and let me tell you it was terrible. You just don’t feel it at that moment but, later on when you get on with life it’s just freakishly embarrassing to remember those days!

    I conceive that the most wonderful gift by God to us is the ability to cure ourselves with time. Whatever or however huge may be the woe we can still overcome it with some endeavors and I unwaveringly have faith in this. It’s all and precisely in our mind so, why not take it out with a fight instead of just contemplating. I want to be strong and travel long really long. So, let the miseries come I won’t stop taking exceptions to the established!

    I am still thinking (now for too long) for a happening signature at the end of every post but, all in vain as of yet. Let it come to me gradually. So, for today simply, Signing Off!


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