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Obsessing with an Obsessive Inc.

March 23, 2013

ImageMe with my original iPhone (box)!

    Well, the first of my posts and i thought very hard on the view I wanted to express and then i realized why to make a big deal out of it? It’s simply the space to rectify my life and all the things I believe in and I live for. It’s just a tiny blog!

    Nowadays, people are (I sincerely feel) irritated with my obsession for an organization and with the above photograph you too would have guessed it, it’s Apple, Inc.; termed as the pioneer of innovations, home to the brightest of human brains on the planet and what not. I got the first glimpse of my obsession when I just happen to read the Stanford graduation day address of Mr. Steve Jobs in our curriculum and since then God knows it’s going leaps and bounds! His own life itself is grand and so does the Corporation he once established in his humble garage. As we all know, there were really huge dispositions during his life which could easily push a mediocre in delirium but, he stood and fought with his destiny. This is probably the best of all the reasons why I admire him so much.

    Then comes the company itself. The four things mainly, Mac, iPod, the (stunning) iPhone and the (gorgeous) iPad; says it all. When computers were something only professionals or highly trained and skilled personnel only could take care of, Mac had a lion’s share in bringing them to the commons (a great coincidence – Mac’s latest OS is itself named Mountain Lion). When people were tired of ripping music from a hundred destinations into something big as cassettes; came the iPod (and simultaneously iTunes) which then revolutionized the way people listen music and ultimately revived the music industry’s gross by setting the digital music downloads standard. Mobiles were not meant to be just the devices to call or text but, to live for and yes, the iPhone paved way for a storm known to be smartphones. It just did not change the way people communicate but the way people live, their entire lifestyle! It was then the time for iPads. No one ever thought something like tablets could ever exist in real world just a few years before but, iPad made it happen and with sheer innovation on it’s back enjoys the 50 million+ purchase club! I just keep wondering one organization with just 37 years in existence could do so much!

    I have an Intel PC with windows 8 installed but then, I too have a Mac (10.8 Mountain Lion) in Virtual Box. Never was I so enthusiastic for anything but to install Mac on a non-Apple hardware! It took me whooping 20 days to figure out the right way (with right tools) and 2 more days to actually get it running! “When you work hard enough for something to happen, it just does.” Nevertheless, the sense of achievement grows with everyday and every moment. Macintosh OS is something you will ever get amused by it’s simplicity yet the robustness! What I like the most there is, you don’t need to go into something baffling, it just happens with ease. What Apple did is combining simplicity with something extra-ordinary. That’s the reason why PCs are falling short of their market not only in US but worldwide as compared to Mac’s growth. It’s ordinary human tendency to go for the things which are fancy yet usable to the core and this is what exactly Mac has achieved over the years. I truly believe what Madonna did to the Pop music years ago is what Mac did to computers. The degree of excellence is difficult to match but Mac is one of the strong reasons why most of the OS makers are pressed hard to actually think for innovative yet simple any easy usage for the users of their computers. Mac has indeed changed the entire computer industry!

    My first encounter with an iPod was at a store where I purchased a Pen drive and one of my friends took a 1-GB tiny looking white device with earphones. Well, I just borrowed the iPod from him that night and vola! here I was once again amazed with the exceptional sound quality and build from the same Inc.! Then again I learned about the iTunes and subsequent knowledge. The music industry was on it’s humble knees and the popularity of Walkman, cassette players and radio was at an all-time low. Piracy was killing it (and today too). With something non-Apple area (at that time they were Apple Computers, Inc.) Apple smelled a huge potential market and jumped right onto it. It not only just increased the (legitimate) music sales but people found it cushy and fancy to get a tiny device in their pocket and run, work, hum and what not with earphones on! It revived the music itself and then came with it the other amazing products in line. iPod was one of the reasons why we got so many mp3-playing products and the conceptions thereafter!

    I still remember my iPhone encounter – a big electronics store at my district place. It was for display and I was then stunned! I frankly admit, I preoccupy more no other Apple merchandise than the super awesome iPhone (ignore the adjectives and exclamations if you wish)! The story of I owning an iPhone is sensational altogether (but that, sometime later). It took me a whole of two extremely struggling months to own the original iPhone (and let me tell you, it’s worth it)! It’s touch, it’s build, it’s entire structure (I won’t go into technical specs) is just divine! 2007 was the year when the original iPhone was released and today we just have the 6th device coming out of their kitty still making them one of the top three organizations of the world (by market value)! iPhone not only just revolutionized the integral mobile phone manufacture but also public lifestyle and public mindsets – and this is the mightiest of all success of Apple! With the success of iOS came numerous other OS but, frankly they still can’t match the simplicity and usability provided by the iOS (may be I am biased to your phone but, it’s a fact)! The touch, the apps, the pinching, the thread messaging, the dashboard icons, the one-stop app store (and the list goes on); all the things you witness in today’s (so-called) smartphones are the gift of Apple (more specifically the iOS and the iPhone)! Why does each and every high end smartphone released is first compared to an iPhone only? Why does enterprises and the media review everything in comparison to Apple only? The answers are self-explanatory! Obviously, we will compare coming ware with the best available thing in market. Although, inadvertently but, we always give Apple the edge over all. The iPhone into market is the sole reason why phone manufacturers are really trying to speed up some original innovation day after day!

    I really got my hands onto an iPad when one of my good friends purchased it (from an Apple store). The genre of tablets was actually realized by Apple with the iPad! People started to do almost everything from watching movies to shopping, from banking to basic mathematics on the iPad! An opinion is now that things like reading (news or novels), accessing web and even education will soon be the sole proprietary of tablets (more share by iPad)! With the advent of 100s of tablets in market the worldwide internet share of iPad (among tablet traffic) is a whooping 91%! iPad is just the combination of computer complexity and mobile ease and the same thing made tablets grow so quickly! iPad is one device which has again proved that Apple is nothing but maestro!

    Keeping away all the adorned accomplishments by Apple why do I admire an organization so much? It’s often severely criticized for huge profit margins, bad environmental policies and sturdy labor practices. The vital thing which I like is stamped there below their logo always “Think Different.”! May it be Mac or iPod or iPhone or even iPad in that case, the organization took an area that was raw and unconquered and with only drastic innovative capabilities turned it into magic and shiny gold; which was then invaded by infinite others! The company has seen a galore of ups and downs – their patron was thrown out (and taken back), once there were huge losses, now there are 1000 like lawsuits against them in every corner of the planet but, two things are rock steadily obsessive – innovation and the determination to be numero uno whatever they take to! Yes, they are obsessed for the best!


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  1. Chetan baba permalink

    Too much love about orgnisatin, jobs and the dedicatin in learn abt mac os is gr8. i saw the efforts u take for mac installation is ossum .Keep learning and writing

    • Saurabh Jain permalink

      Thanks bro! Partly, my inspiration for mac were you! 😉

  2. Namrata permalink

    looks like you have had a complete study of ur obsession.. 😉 Efforts much appreciated..!!

    • Saurabh Jain permalink

      Yeah, what’s life itself without any passion, ain’t it? 🙂

  3. aarit rakshe permalink

    true story bro 🙂
    cheers to apple 🙂

    • Saurabh Jain permalink

      Indeed!!! It’s one hell of an Inc.! Can’t get past it. 😉

  4. Aniket Kotkar permalink

    *clicks on* *Whoosp* *DHAP* *Falls dead* finally! a blog! good luck gangu!

    • Saurabh Jain permalink

      *reads comment* *rolls eyes* *thanks kotkar (my genuine inspiration!)* 😉

  5. Was a great blog…….i wnt say that….take it in positive sense but u can do much better dn this…prob things that you right in class are much better than this…After first para was a bit boared.. I guess this is the output of staying with mediocre minds and offcourse lack of inspiration

    • Saurabh Jain permalink

      Thanks bro seriously. I believe, I needed this one. But, don’t worry I will definately pump in more constructivity in sketching my life the next time. I will surely make it to your expectations!!! 🙂

  6. abhishek permalink

    Firstly I disagree with your statement that apple has “the brightest minds in the world” working for it…one cannot post such statements without analysing the complete structure and employees of each and every organization in the world, but then again lets address the main issue here, undoubtedly I have agreed with you on multiple occasions that apple as an organization has immense I branding capability and innovative products, but time and again you have failed tp address the main issue as an idian buyer…the price.
    In the us markets iPhone 5 is sold for 200$ under contract, which roughly translates to 11000 bucks in the Indian market which is affordable to everyone , bit the sa.e device costs 60k in India .. Also iTunes you say is one hell of a music store, but tell me honestly what percentage of people out of us actually purchase their music? So in fact millions of apple users are ripping off from apple itself…
    I’m tired of long drawn discussions on this topic bur again I would like to point out that apple is created for the niche crowd in mind , and there are many more available options now for smartphones that perform as well, if not better than the iPhone…also obsessing about a single brand be it any, is a bit narrow mindedness dont you think?

    • Finally, one comment I was so eagerly waiting for!!!!
      Ok! some will say they work for NASA or some others will say for Xerox,corp. or even for some they are working for Indian Railways but, does it really mean that much! Indeed, a larger chunk of people today are more obsessed with the devices in their pockets rather than food in their plates. How was such transition made happen where Mobiles became one of the fundamental need of the people and now fancy, studded cell phones? You can’t deny that Apple had more share in doing so than any other organization!
      I wasn’t arguing based on some inferior value such as money! What I wanted to emphasize was that there exists an organization which has changed the motive and style people live their life with their four utterly popular products.
      And finally, I completely disagree with your point that obsessing is narrow mindedness. There subsist some things in this world that you ever get impressed by and there’s nothing wrong with going deep and deep into those with all yours wits open! What would have been wrong if it was the only thing you would ever think about and genuinely siding others! But, as you know I am open to all the other brands (in this case) and their influential makes but with a firm view that Apple is the best in it’s class (atleast as of now!)! 🙂

  7. jeet permalink

    Ur blog tells ur obsession…

  8. satyajeet permalink

    I ll definately appreciate ur research and knowledge abt your Obssesion. Good Work.
    A reader always remains wondered about WHAT NEXT!!, and thats what keeps him going. I lost this feeling as I read the second para, rest of the story (central theme, your writing etc.) Was fairly predictable.
    The best part is not how and what you presented, it is that ‘you are following what you love to do, WRITING!!!

    • Seriously dude, I love to write and that’s what I need to do. The rest is upon the readers to give a thumbs up or down but, I am willing to improve based on genuine comments and will keep I formed you all about some more dramatic experiences of my life!!!

      Warmly, Saurabh Jain.

      Sent from my iPhone

  9. shubhzgang permalink

    How can YOU get something that WE want? How can you even know what we want? (1st line of 2nd paragraph)

  10. shubhzgang permalink

    How to delete a comment? 😦 :l

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